MBN GDPR Compliance case study

GDPR Compliance in the Recruitment Sector

MBN Solutions (MBN) is an industry recognised People Solutions business specialising in Data Science, Big Data and Analytics. Headquartered in Glasgow, MBN has a proven track record to successfully deliver to clients on a global scale.

The Challenge

MBN strives to build long lasting relationships with both their candidates and clients. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018, MBN identified the opportunity to review how data is managed within their organisation and separate themselves from their competitors.

The Solution

MBN partnered with Purple to support them on their journey to GDPR compliance due to their experience across Cyber Security, Governance, and supporting customers through a business change.

The first step was to undertake a GDPR readiness assessment, which supported MBN in benchmarking their compliance against regulatory readiness and maturity within their sector peer group. This exercise assessed the business’s current data governance, processes, policies and technology for compliance.

MBN’s staff were engaged from the outset, ensuring they also came on the journey.  An awareness campaign enabled myths and misconceptions to be corrected and get employees onboard from the start.

Key stakeholders, who represented different departments of the business, were interviewed so that gaps within the organisations current practices, policies and technologies could be identified. For each gap a roadmap was developed in order to provide a clear route to achieve compliance.

Purple then worked in partnership with MBN on the remedial works to deliver the changes required in forming policies, defining process and supporting data security maturity throughout the organisation.

The Result

From undertaking the Purple GDPR Readiness Assessment, MBN was quickly able to identify gaps in their current processes, policies and technology. The road map gave MBN a clear plan as to how they should prioritise the remedial works, what tasks could be done in house and where Purple could support them all of which resulted in MBN being able to position themselves as a leader for clients, candidates and staff to show how GDPR is a positive change that will support their business growth.

From the Client

Purple support technology recruitment agency MBN in becoming GDPR compliant.