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Purple is experimenting with the new and exciting in the pursuit of client excellence. 

Purple are leading the way in delivering positive transformation into organisations to create a powerful human experience within a fast moving technology driven environment.

Innovation is at the core of our DNA.  We actively encourage this into our culture and adopt a platform to allow innovation and change to run throughout our organisation. This allows us to be at the forefront in supporting clients to deliver the same.

By integrating a vision and strategy we transform organisations to deliver competitive advantage through exciting innovation. Our dedicated innovation team combine experience and research to deliver long term results for our clients.

Robotic Process Automation

Building  the Business Case for RPA

Considering becoming an early adopter of the new breed of automation? Read to find out how you can make the case for change.


The Challenge of the Millennial Customer

New technologies are enabling businesses to maintain the high standards required to retain younger customers. Find out how. 


Championing Digital in Traditional Markets

In industries that run on swivel chair integration and hopelessly outdated systems, digital is a powerful advantage.


Artificial Intelligence

Implementing Trustworthy AI

Conversational AI such as chat bots are entering the world of customer service en masse, but how can we make sure these new bots are ethically implemented?


Big Data

Big Data: The ‘Bridge’ to Success

To successfully wield the power of big data, certain soft skills are required. So how can we make sure that our employees are equipped to handle it? 

Big Data and the 360 Customer View

With so much customer data flowing into our businessess’, how can we use it for their benefit? We dive into using big data to understand customers.

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We believe in the potential for new technology to change how we interact with the world. 

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Our Innovation Leaders

Alistair Sergeant

Purple’s CEO Alistair thrives on leading a fast growing business that is disruptive to typical consultancy practices. As a result he has developed a solid reputation for customer excellence.

He believes that innovation is at the core of what Purple does, both for our clients and ourselves. His passion is finding practical, real world applications for the new technologies that are dominating the business world. 

Paul Forrest


Paul is an experienced business strategist and board advisor, he joined Purple’s board to help establish the platform for growth.

Paul has some twenty-five years’ experience of helping businesses to solve complex business problems, deliver their transformation goals and to achieve tangible strategic outcomes. Hands on and deep thinking, he has worked with many FTSE 100 clients, Global 500 businesses and major Government entities around the world.


Purple is always on the look out for new talent to join our consulting team. If you are interested in joining the UK’s fastest growing Management Consultancy, find out more about us and sign up to our next assessment day here.