Infographic: Structuring CRM Projects.

CRM projects are daunting. It’s no easy task to replace or install a system responsible for handling all of your customer data. For this reason, Purple recommends a careful and considered approach to procuring and implementing a CRM system. 

Our 6 steps to CRM success are below. 

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Start by articulating what your organisation is trying to achieve in a way that anyone can understand, relate and reference.

Facilitate a workshop with executives and key decision makers within the business. This vision will underpin the whole project.



Improvement is about utilising your “As-Is” Insight data to define your new “To-Be” way of working for the new systems and the experiences that you want your customers to enjoy.

Defining the “To-be” environment will give CRM suppliers a good understanding of how you wish to operate.


Work directly with your partner to develop a clear and robust processes based from your “To-Be”.

Develop your improved customer experience and business processes following the insight that you gained at the improvement stage. Lastly, conduct training and implement organisational changes.


Stage 2 is about capturing and understanding the way your organisation currently operates. 

Mapping your "As-Is" technologies and processes provides critical insight into where the opportunity for improvement is, and how this can be actioned for the sake of the customer.



It’s time to select a preferred partner to work with you through your journey. Recognise that there are strengths and benefits to different partners with different types of technology and experience

Prepare a briefing document that describes your change journey, vision and the outcomes that you are trying to achieve.



Often missed, but without a doubt the most important part of this exercise is recognising the value that has been delivered.

By continuing to improve, engage staff and monitor your Customers' Experience, the change will be easily adopted and allow for your investment to be fully realised

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