Purple at Digital Excellence 2018

Purple were pleased to return to MemberWise’ Digital X conference last month, with around 450 delegates registered, it was not an event to be missed.

The morning kicked off with Richard Gott, Founder and Chair of MemberWise, delivering the results from the Digital Excellence Research Summary Report 2019. Some key finding included:

  • Member engagement is the top priority for the third year running.
  • 4 in 10 don’t have a Member Value Proposition.
  • 40% said that there was inadequate integration between their member management system and website.

Richard then ran some quickfire questions to the audience and there were some interesting results; 58% said they did not have a digital strategy and a whopping 80% said they did not have value driven online experience.

Even though Purple was exhibiting, we also got to sit in on a few amazing talks…

We heard Sarah Corney from the CIPD explain the story of their digital transformation. It wasn’t ‘a story about technology’ she says, it was about ‘people, processes and organisational culture’. CIPD’s digital transformation took form in their website. After an entire year of false starts and resistance within the organisation, the programme finally got off the ground.

When tackling their website project Sarah reiterated the importance of building from the outside-in, where the members needs are paramount.

Later, Purple’s very own Clare Bennett took the floor in the Partner Showcase track to discuss how organisations shouldn’t just produce data for the sake of it, it needs to be made actionable for business decisions. Clare also shared Purple’s 10 steps for BI deployment.

Next up we heard from Chris Bacon, Head of ICT and Web at CILIP, Chris discussed how membership organisations need to keep up with the technological change – members just don’t expect you have online joining, they assume it’s a given! Putting members at the heart of their organisation was a key step-change for CILIP and will continue to be important aspect of their journey.

Chris also agreed that Digital Transformation projects are all about cultural change too and that change management and keeping your people involved in the project are essential to project success.

The last talk we saw was from Lee Taylor, Senior Marketing Manager at The Caravan and Motorhome Club. ‘How to win the Baby Boomer in the age of change’. Lee shared with the audience how they previously believed their customers still liked print and that their members were not part of the digital age, so they did not invest in social platforms or investigate digital marketing.

However, they discovered that the older generation are consuming the same as the generic population – so in order to best serve their members they had to shake things up!

The Caravan and Motorhome Club began to invest more money into social platforms, they joined Facebook. Online became their starting point, they designed for online first, instead of offline. From here, member engagement rose, and they were able to get better insight and build stronger relationships with members.

Following an exciting day of networking and discussing all things digital, we packed up our stand and headed back to HQ to rest our aching feet. This year’s Digital Excellence was the biggest yet, and Purple is looking forward to next year already!

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