Our Values

The Purple DNA

Technology organisations are known for over complicating things and speaking a completely different language to everybody else. The beginning of Purple was a chance to change the normal perception of technology consultancy and provide something different, we had to create the Purple DNA:

Like every organisation, we wanted to create a DNA that made us different. Our DNA is embedded into all our staff and associates and we are proud to stand by the values that we began with.


We want to be challengers within the sectors we work in. “We’ve always done it that way” isn't good enough for us.


We always have and will always remain 100% unbiased to deliver true independent advice.


The work we do is a fixed deliverable at an agreed price. We carry the risk and the client gets their desired outcome.


We engage clients through accessible visuals rather than long, bloated documents.


We believe success is achieved by a positive can-do attitude. The right mindset brings the right results and success.


At the heart of our DNA is a Think Big attitude. Every challenge is met with the intention of pushing boundaries.

Alistair Sergeant.


Purple CEO Alistair Sergeant