Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services

Banking on Good Cyber Security

Following several recent high-profile data breaches, including two which resulted in large fines and demonstrated …


Consistently growing regulations in the financial sector means result in a persistently renewed focus on risk. The technology environment is growing and transforming quickly, and this is leading to changes in how banks and financial organisations operate internally. 

Here at Purple, our experience within the financial sector spans over 15 years, working with wealth management, hedge funds, investment management, algorithmic trading and market makers sectors. Within these we have delivered business changing advantages through the correct use of technology.

Relevant Case Studies

Business Intelligence
Bolstering Cyber Security

Financial Services Capabilities

Technology Strategy

Before changing or upgrading technology, you need a strategy.

Business Intelligence

Understand your data maturity. Make your information actionable. 

Cyber Security

Beginning to end Cyber Security services. Strategy, training, testing.

Operational Efficiency

Process optimisation, efficiency assessment, automation.

Sector Leaders

Rupert Coles

Principal Consultant

Neil Hedges

Commercial Manager