Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services

With no alignment to any product or vendor, Purple will be well placed to deliver industry leading advice and support.
Areas covered by the Cyber Security Managed Service include:

* DPO as a Service

For organisations requiring a DPO under the GDPR, Purple will provide this expertise along as a proactive and reactive function to support compliance for the regulation.

* Breach Response and Management

A breach is more than just a technical fix. When a breach occurs an organisations reputation is key. Purple will work with clients on both a technical and PR prospective as part of the breach management service

* Training

The biggest risk to any organisation is without doubt users. Continual training and awareness for all level of staff will be managed right from onboarding to exit interviews.

* Annual Assessment

Aside from the standard penetration testing most organisations undertake, a deeper assessment for Cyber Security Maturity within the business is undertaken to ensure the processes and training that have been developed are imbedded into the culture of the organisation.

* DRP & BCP Assessment

It’s not “if” but more “when” an attack takes place that needs to be prepared for and in order to deal with the attack appropriately the correct plans need to be put in place, tested and adjusted accordingly to manage Disaster Recover and Business Continuity correctly.

* Insider Threat monitoring

External factors play a small part for any potential security breaches. Identifying internal risks from a people, process and technology prospective is critical to then monitor, prevent or manage appropriately any security breach

* Voice Communications

As technology continues to grow at a rapid rate, more organisations are now using IP based technologies to carry voice traffic. This in itself carries a considerable risk that needs to be managed and monitored appropriately. Purple can identify risks associated with voice communications and put practical measures in place to prevent any attacks.

* GDPR Annual Assessment

GDPR has to be imbedded within the DNA of any organisation. Purple can asses your organisations maturity on GDPR by carrying out an annual online assessment and report on any gaps to improve knowledge within the organisation.

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Purple CEO Alistair Sergeant