Keeping your data safe.

The key to protecting your data lies in a strategic combination of people, process and technology. 

Privacy is fundamental to ensuring an organisation is sufficiently protected from any breach. Not only this, but the modern customer is more aware of both their rights, and what happens when their information gets into the wrong hands.


Your workforce need to know how to complete their daily functions in a way that doesn’t expose your customers to unnecessary risk from mistakes and social engineering. We’re all human, but the right knowledge can make a huge difference.


Data flows across organisations are more complicated than ever before and the processes that enable it need to be watertight. We’ve all heard of large spreadsheets full of customer data being emailed around.

What happens if the email address is mistyped, or it autocompletes to someone completely different? Does the email even contain the most up to date information about these customers? What happens when the information is no longer needed?

At Purple, we document and improve processes inclusive of the data that’s involved in them, not just separately. Only then can an organisation truly appreciate the movement of information across their organisation and establish governance around it.


Cyber security practices are rapidly evolving alongside the equally as rapid evolution of the modern workplace. However, privacy can leverage the use of technology also, with the use of role based access control and identity access management, you can ensure only the data that is needed, is presented. Considering the GDPR, privacy by design is the default standard organisations should be working towards.

How we can help

Customer Data

The focus of many a GDPR project, we will work with you to ensure your customers are protected.

Employee Data

Equally as important, employees require the same protection, but have alternate needs to meet.

Proper Use

Data misuse can incur serious fines. Let us support your employees in learning to avoid misuse.

Data Protection

We can implement new technology, processes or training to tighten data protection from all angles.

Why Purple?

At Purple, we know that privacy and data protection probably isn’t your core business. That’s why we offer you our knowledge expertise in this field alongside industry experience, so that any recommendation we make is practical and doesn’t overburden your day to day activities, but enhances it by realising genuine benefits for your business, including:
  • Reducing Conduct Risk - less breaches inevitably means less chance of enforcement action being take
  • Improved Understanding of your data - and the processes that move it around, allowing for better decision making and a platform to initiate other projects from, such as a wider digital transformation or implementing a data strategy
  • Enhanced trust from customers. who expect you to take their own privacy seriously, and even giving you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd


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Josh McDonald

Executive Consultant