Security Strategy

Security Strategy

Cyber Security Strategy

Protecting your business from every angle

Data continues to become more valuable, and so hackers are becoming smarter. A comprehensive cyber security strategy considers all areas of your business, digital or otherwise.

Purple’s consultants will work with your organisation to assess security from every perspective. In order to minimise the possibility of a costly data breach, we will deliver a Cyber Security Maturity Model to visualise vulnerabilities.

Following the assessment, we provide a visual transformation map with identified projects, resources and budgets that will be built to deliver against.

Areas of assessment


Office security is an important step in avoiding data breaches. Unlocked doors, documents left in the open, key card misplacement and more can provide opportunities for theft.


Purple will determine the need for training and/or awareness in employees to make sure cyber security is adopted into organisational culture.


Understanding the business at process-level will allow us to understand where vulnerabilities may present themselves, and allows you to optimise for protection.


Profiling infrastructure, and penetration testing security systems are paramount to understanding where vulnerabilities lie in your digital systems.


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