Technology Strategy

 The Importance of a Technology Strategy

The era of just getting by and “sweating the asset’s” of your technology estate are no longer viable.  To remain relevant, competitive and agile you must invest in technology to enable your business.
Technology has never been so fundamental, so strategic and so important as it is in this digital age. It is being used to create new business models, products and services, enhance existing offerings and create deeper, more rewarding customer experiences – and as such businesses need to develop the right technology and IT strategy for success.

A technology strategy however is flawed if it is just purely a “Technical” strategy.  It must be used to underpin an overall business objective and an organisation should never be led by technical capabilities – business first, technology second.

To deliver a technology strategy the organisation must have clearly defined objectives which then allow for the technology strategy to be formed in order to support this.

In order to make that switch, organisations must expect to now be talking at board level about  technology.  This is usually filled by the role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Office  (CIO) or IT Director.  It’s a difficult skill set to find – somebody that can understand the business requirements and then transfer this into a technical plan.

Here is what Purple can support you with:

• Identify the business objectives and asses the high-level technology requirements to support these

• Review the current technology estate and provide an independent report on findings to support the business case

• Develop a business case for budget approval

• Run a procurement service to find suitable partners to deliver the unmet need within the organisation 

• Asses the skill gaps and develop a robust training plan 

• Detail a fit gap analysis from what the business requirements are to the current technology estate

• Agree a 6-12, 12-24 and a 24-36 month vision that allows you to be agile throughout the delivery of the strategy

• Develop a prioritised roadmap for building the required technology model outlining resources, timescales and budgets


Alistair Sergeant.


Purple CEO Alistair Sergeant