Digital Business Transformation



Business Transformation

Many organisations have an urgent need to review and improve business processes and organisational design in order to meet the changing needs of their customers as well as gain efficiency in their day to day operation. 

Data Transformation

It is common for organisations to struggle with their Data and overall Business Intelligence (BI) strategy. Our consultants will help you develop a strategy to improve customer acquisition, engagement and retention

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not a new website or publishing an app with your services.  True digital transformation looks at everything within the organisation using people, process and technology.


Technology Transformation

Every organisation needs a technology estate that supports your future vision. Technology transformation can be complex and daunting. Change should not be led by products or features but underpin business objectives.

Knowing you want to make a change and knowing where to start are two very different things. Developing a transformation strategy that aligns business objectives to deliverable outcomes provides a solid platform for successful delivery.

Solving complex and challenging business issues to deliver competitive advantage is our key strength. A strategy can often change, we have the ability to be open and work with you through

A good strategy should be backed up with a clear plan. To enable this, we will work with you to develop a Transformation map which clearly articulates the requirements for the organisation, the resources and budgets to successfully deliver against.

A successful strategy needs to be communicated well throughout the organisation. Positive change only happens when an organisation get’s into the “hearts & minds” of the staff and brings them on the journey for change and we will work with you to develop the messaging and how this is articulated to everybody to ensure it is well understood and adopted.

Here is what Purple can support you with:

* Define and Develop an overall Transformation strategy using Purple’s unique and proven framework.

* Understand and develop the overall business objectives and goals

* Work through the organisation to understand current challenges that need to be considered

* Look at skill sets and what training is required

* Develop a communication plan

* Develop a Transformation map

Alistair Sergeant.


Purple CEO Alistair Sergeant