Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Making simple conversation easy

“IP Telephony, Mobile, SFB Cisco Spark, Social Media, Contact Centre, Web and Audio Conferencing”

Without a doubt if you were to speak to 10 different people you would get 10 different answers regarding what Unified Communications is all about.

What Unified Communications (UC) actually means is to bring together all the various methods of how you communicate, be it email, telephone, instant message or social media into one interface to enable a user to communicate in the most effective way available at any given time.

It’s no longer acceptable to juggle one conversation between phone lines, emails, online messaging or through intranets. In this situation it’s far too common to lose information or coherence of conversation.

Where does UC fit into my organisation?
It sounds simple but its often missed, it is key you identify the actual business case for UC prior to doing anything else. Here are some typical examples of where it can add true value;
* Remote offices
* Mobile Workers
* Multiple communication platforms
* Ability to provide disaster recovery capabilities

How we can help

Remote Offices

Mobile Workers

Multiple Communication Platforms

Providing Disaster Recovery


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